When you download the app you can sign up via Email or Facebook.

You must fill in your profile details. Name, age and gender.

You can add photos from Photo Library or you can Take a Selfie. 

When the game starts you automatically receive 1,000 credits.

Photos of others start appearing on your screen. By voting 50 photos every 24 hours, you will receive 10,000 credits.

While voting for a photo, you have the option to chat or send gift.

To chat with someone, you have to spend 10,000 credits. If you don’ t have the credits you have the option to buy credits. You have also the option to send gifts: Stickers or credits. The gifts you have to buy them. To send credits as a gift, the minimum is 10,000 credits.

If someone receives a sticker or credits from you, he/she has the option to chat with you for free.

If you receive a sticker or credits from someone, you have the option to chat with him or her for free.

You earn both CREDITS & POINTS by people who voted your photo.

PERFECT: 50 credits

VERY GOOD: 20 credits

GOOD: 10 credits

AVERAGE: 0 credits

When you vote a user, the other user earns credits and points but not from your credits-points.


When a user vote you more than one time "Very Good" for example, the user will appear only once in "Who Voted You page" but you will earn the credits and points for every vote that makes you.

You can spend your credits for chat with other user, or to see who voted your photo "Perfect". You can also buy credits if you need.


Your points cannot be spent. You cannot buy points either. They just take you to NEXT LEVEL and appears on you profile. 

Users profiles will indicate both credits and points. Only the user can see the number of credits available. The points appear in the voting screen of each user and everybody can see them.

Today's TOP TEN will work with frequency of points. (Users who receive the most Perfect votes for their photo).

If you vote for a users photo “PERFECT” and also that user votes “PERFECT” for your photo, you have the option to chat for free. 

In your profile you can see WHO VOTED YOU. To see users who voted your photo “Average”, “Good” and “Very Good” it’ s free.

To see a user that voted your photo “Perfect” you need 1,000 credits for each user.  Of course you will have the option to buy credits. 

• When the game starts you vote photos of opposite gender. You can skip a photo if you want (Swipe left)

Swipe Right is the "Perfect" vote.

• Users allowed to skip ten photos every 24 hours. (Swipe left)

• When the game starts your photo appearing to the opposite gender voting page.

In settings you can change the filters.


I want to vote for: Men or Woman 

You can tab the button to see the Top Ten Photos of men or women dependence of your taste.

You will have the option to send gifts and chat with these Top Ten users. 

You can buy credits from Shop:

1,000 CREDITS 0,99 Euro

10,000 CREDITS 1,99 Euro

50,000 CREDITS 3,99 Euro

100,000 CREDITS 7,99 Euro

300,000CREDITS 14,99 Euro

700,000 CREDITS 18,99 Euro

1,000,000 CREDITS 24,99 Euro

3,000,000 CREDITS 36,99 Euro

10,000,000 CREDITS 89,99 Euro

You can boost your profile for better results:

15 Showings per Month 3,49 Euro

50 Showings per Month 7,99 Euro

100 Showings per Month 14,99 Euro

100 Showings for 3 Months 29,99 Euro

With the above option your photo can get more visits and seen by more people and you have more chances to appear in Top Ten.

For more information, contact our support team